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To find a business owned by a veteran or a member of their family, use the links on the left side of the web page.  There you will find links for a page that includes internet businesses and pages for local businesses sorted by states, cities, and major metropolitan areas.   


Welcome aboard! And thank you for deciding to include your Business Card Sized Ad in this Veterans Business Directory.  

There are several easy steps to follow.  

First, download your order form here: Veteran Business Directory Order Form.pdf and begin by filling in the top portion of the form with information about you and your business. Remember to include the name of who referred you to this directory as they will receive a discount coupon from one of our advertisers when your ad is published. 


(If you are referring a veteran or a member of their family to this Veterans Business Directory, then you can download the information you will want them to have right here: Veterans Business Directory.pdf )  


Then how will you provide your business card - by mail or as a scanned image (jpeg, bmp, or png at highest resolution possible so it is easy to read)?  Or do you want me to assist you with the design of an advertisement (same size as a business card)? 


Please send the scanned image of your business card and any questions you may have about me assisting you in designing an ad to:    mikeb


Next, which page do you want your ad to be included on?    The page for Internet businesses?   Your State page?   Or the metropolitan / city area your business is located in? 


And do you want to purchase an ad for one year at $25.00 or for six months at $15.00. Remember that it may take several months before consumers notice your ad and for you start to receive business from your ad. 


OR do you want your ad to be included on several pages at the same time?  If so, which pages?    Internet business?   Your State page?   And/or the metropolitan / city area your business is located in?  If you select to include your business card sized ad on several pages at the same time then the cost will be $20.00 per page for one year and $12.00 per page for six months. 


Then determine your total cost which is the number of pages multiplied by the cost per page (for example: if you want your ad to be shown on all three pages for one year then the cost will be 3 pages X $20.00 per page = $60.00.  Keep in mind that this is a very good way for a larger business to advertise when you do both internet sales and you want your business to be well known outside of your local area.) 


Once you have determined your total cost, make your check out to :   Mike Bellard   and mail it with your completed order form and your business card to P.O. Box 955, Peoria AZ  85380 


If you have any questions please contact me by e-mail at:    mikeb   or by phone, Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm (Arizona time) at    (602) 796-6757   




If you choose to have a 30 word classified ad; then your cost would be $20.00 for one year and $12.00 for six months.  Remember to tell me how you want your ad to be classified. 


Classified ads are a good way to have your advertisement seen by consumers in other states or countries. 


Thank you for supporting this Veterans Business Directory.

Mike Bellard 





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Note that the ads may include a live link to the business website.

Right Click on the ad and select "Open in New Tab or Window."

That way you will not have to leave the Scarlet and Gold Business Directory.