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Hi, my name is Mike Bellard . . .

Mike MCL

I am your host and webmaster for this Veterans Business Directory.  Before I tell you about my website, allow me to tell you a little about myself.

Since 1998, I have had the honor and privilege to be an Associate (non-veteran) Member of the Marine Corps League, where I currently serve on both the state and local level as an appointed officer, and serve on various committees.  During this time, I have developed a strong bond with our veterans and with other veterans' organizations.

While attending our 2011 National Convention, I learned of the need for a directory of businesses which are owned or operated by members in the Marine Corps League.  That is when I started planning my website. When I returned home, I continued to talk with other veterans about my project.

I soon realized that I should create directories for all veterans and their families who own or manage a business.  This way my directories can serve all veterans.

I am currently the webmaster for two veterans' business directories: The Scarlet And Gold Business Directory is for Marine Corps Veterans, FMF Corpsman, their families, and members of Marine Corps Veterans' Organizations. This business directory is open to all veterans and their families.  

Now that you know how this website came to be, I invite you to take some time to explore it.  There will soon be pages for each state, with additional pages as needed, for metropolitan areas like Phoenix, Arizona.  I also have web pages for Frequently Asked Questions, my Privacy Policy, and contact information.

I hope you enjoy this Veterans Business Directory.  If you are a veteran and you or a member of your family has or runs a business, then I invite you to include your business card ad in this directory.

To start the process, go to the “Start Here” page and download your Order Form.  

If you do not own or operate a business, then I ask you to recommend another veteran or their family member who does to become a part of this business directory.  When they place their ad in the directory, you will receive a discount coupon from one of the businesses in the directory as my way of thanking you for helping the directory to grow.

When you are referring a veteran or a member of their family to this Veterans' Business Directory, then you can download the information you will want them to have right here: Veterans Business Directory.pdf

Thank you for visiting my website.

Mike Bellard





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