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Your privacy is very important to me!

When you provide me with your business and contact information including your address, phone number and/or email address, rest assured that I will NEVER share, sell, barter or in any way pass on your information to anyone else, or to any other company or organization.  However, there may be a time where I may ask you first if it is ok to send your e-mail address to someone else.  If that happens, I will let you know who will be receiving your e-mail address and why you may want to consider giving me your permission to send them your e-mail address.  Only after I receive your permission, will I then give your e-mail address to only those that you have granted me permission to do so.  Without your express permission, your contact information will never be passed on to anyone.

Next, I will not be sending you a bunch of promotional emails.  However, there may be times when I will want to send you a promotional email. For instance, I might have a discount or offer I think you would like to know about. On the other hand, there could be some new and interesting information I think you would like to receive.  In that situation, I would certainly email you to let you know.

What I am trying to say is that while I might email you occasionally, having your contact information does not give me the right to fill your inbox with a ton of promotional and up-selling emails.

If you think I ever get to the point where I am sending you too many emails, just let me know and I will immediately remove your name from my contact list.

Thank you for your trust and for your business,

Mike Bellard






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